Terms & Condition

  1. The Party shall use the house, furniture, fittings, vessels and other articles that may be entrusted to him/her for use with due care. The party will be required to pay for any damages and/or loss of articles, etc., as may be claimed by the management.


  1. No articles of the House are permitted to be taken out of the House.


  1. “No refund of money paid will be made in case of cancellation except the refundable deposit amount the party, will have the option to re-book the house for his use on any subsequent day/days according to his/her choice within two months from the date of cancellation, subject to its availability. The use of the House cannot be transferred by the party to any other person.


  1. The Party shall take care of his/her articles. Baggage, etc., and those of his/her invites and the management is not liable for any loss theft or damage to them.


  1. Consumption of Alcohol and Use of pan beeda is strictly prohibited.


  1. Cooking and/or catering should be organized only at the Kitchen/Dining Hall.


  1. The party shall handover all the articles entrusted to him/her at the time of his/her occupation of the house immediately on expiry of the booked period in the same condition and at the same location they had been entrusted to him/her earlier.


  1. Spitting in any place in the premise other than in the spittoons provided. Is strictly prohibited.


  1. The Party shall make arrangements to ensure orderly parking of vehicles at the place designated of the purpose and adhere strictly to the routes for movement of vehicles.


  1. The party shall manage to remove all his/her articles from the House as early as possible on the expiry of the booked period the other agencies arranged by him shall also remove their fittings etc., immediately after the function is over.


  1. The Management reserves its right of inspection of the House at anytime through its authorised representatives.


  1. No posters should be pasted or fixed inside the house in the campus and also in the outer side of the compound wall while conducting the functions.


  1. GST is as applicable will be extra on the gross amount.


  1. Usage of Plastic Items prohibited.


  1. If there is any revision in any of the above charges the difference amount is to be remitted by the hires on intimation.